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WooZone Initial Set Up – Lesson 9 – Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training

In Lesson 9 of the Surfside PPC Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training Video Series, we discuss the first set up of WooZone as well as Insane Mode Import. After setting up WooCommerce as well as WooZone, you require to begin by entering your thing acquisition code, which can be located from the CodeCanyon web site. You will certainly be taken with the first set up of WooZone as soon as you enter your product acquisition code. You after that require to go to Amazon Web Services ( and also indication in…

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Amazon Affiliate API – Product Advertising API Key Secret Key

Update on API Key Creation:… Let me teach you the top five reasons Amazon bans affiliates: This tutorial video shows you how to create product advertising api keys for Amazon affiliates / associates through Amazon Web Services (AWS). An associate is typically forced to create their own affiliate links, but the API system provides the ability to automatically retrieve product information and easily create affiliate links and advertisements. Once you have created an api key using this “how to” video tutorial, you can then use your keys in…

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