How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – Free Course For Beginner Affiliate Marketers

February 9, 2019 - Comment

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners? That’s the big question & this FREE affiliate marketing training course reveals all! You will learn how to get started with affiliate marketing after understanding what affiliate marketing is and how does it work! We are going beyond the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing published here:

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners? That’s the big question & this FREE affiliate marketing training course reveals all! You will learn how to get started with affiliate marketing after understanding what affiliate marketing is and how does it work!

We are going beyond the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing published here:

Three questions you will learn the answer to are:

1- What is affiliate marketing?

2- How does affiliate marketing work?

3- How to make money with affiliate marketing?

The video will start with a high level overview of the affiliate marketing world giving you a full understanding of what it is and how it works. You need to have this understanding from the perspective of all three parties involved to truly understand how to knit yourself out a successful business in the affiliate marketing world.

Then we will transition into the bigger question which is how do you make money through affiliate marketing? Ultimately this is the question you want answered… But you off to understand how it works first!

You need to know how to avoid affiliate marketing scams:

You will also need to learn how to build affiliate marketing funnels ( ), email marketing and autoresponder series’, search engine optimization or SEO, Facebook advertising and ultimately developing a powerful entrepreneurial mindset.

Even though I can’t cover all those topics in this one video… I’ve already created many videos and series of videos that go in-depth teaching you all of the step-by-step how to marketing tactics you will need.

I will list the most relevant videos and playlists I have with free digital marketing training here on YouTube for you to go deeper on the subjects that will help you gain traction with your affiliate marketing business fast.

Keyword research – search engines are built on two things… Keyword research and relevance! Learning the keywords that your target audience is searching to solve their problems and achieve their goals allows you to identify the affiliate products that you can create content around and promote with great success. Watch my keyword research videos here:

Search engine optimization or SEO – you will need to learn SEO if you desire to drive organic traffic from Google. This is step two after you understand the power of keyword research, because your keywords are required for search engine optimization. Watch my search engine optimization videos and free courses here:

Once you’ve identified the keyword phrases and created the search optimized content, you need a place to publish your content so the search engines can index it. I only use and recommend… Or a self hosted WordPress website. You will also need a marketing funnel that allows you to capture leads and again I only use WordPress.

You can learn how to build a WordPress website that will allow you to have an unlimited number of funnels and a place to publish your content from scratch in this video series:

You need to be sure that your website is getting indexed by Google which you can learn how to do in this video here:

One of the best tools to grow your email list through your content is having a pop up that displays over your content when a user visits your site from a search engine. I show you how to set up a pop up in this video here:

To make sure your pop-up is capturing as many leads as possible, you will also want to split test your offer and headline which I show how to do in this video here:

Once your email list is growing you need to begin email marketing to convert leads in the customers and past customers into repeat buyers. This playlist covers all of my email marketing videos that will help you become an email marketing master, fast:

If you want to run Facebook ads to your funnel in order to grow your affiliate business with paid traffic, you can learn how to run Facebook ads here:

The more advanced Facebook advertising video where I show my five dollar Facebook ads strategy is here:

The biggest recommendation I have for new affiliate marketers is to start a 90 day content marketing challenge which is explained in detail in this video here:


Marie Luce says:

Hi Miles, awesome video! I ve been looking for an affordable course/system on affiliate marketing for a week now – the reason some of us like look for courses us because the strategies and content is clean and (usually) presented nicely – I have wasted so much much money implementing strategies from ´free content ‘- is there a REAL course out there which teaches how to crack the code

Joe Whisney says:

Miles you are an absolute legend and speaking directly to me and so many others stuck in the loop! So many disappointments until coming across your stuff, it’s real, it’s practical, and it’s HONEST! Thank you brother.

CJ Groove says:

Dude, I freakin' love your passion, your heart, and most of all your honesty and integrity. Thanks for all that you do and share.

Hobo Blues Clown says:

Q: How long does it take to build an audience?

MB: Uhm, your whole life..?


Doug More says:

I have spent over $2,000 dollars in the last couple of years on exactly the same stuff you are teaching/learning about here. The content in those courses had value but due to wasted time and resources, I would recommend people just watching free content and learning as you go! Great video and thanks, Miles! = )

Will says:

Thanks for the amazing videos! TONS of value! Wish I landed on your channel before spending $4000+ on those other courses. Those courses do not go in detail, and don't explain things clearly as you do with your teachings. So NOT worth the prices they charge. So Thanks a million Miles! You the real MVP!

Mikkel Damsgaard says:

Hey Miles!

Quick question: How do cloak your affiliate links? Is it redirects or do you use something like Pretty links?

Juan Casiano says:

#Bad Ass

J. SARK says:

Hey Miles – great tutorial videos! Your communication and the pace of your delivery is excellent. I am jumping from video to video and learning about FB ads. Currently, I'm looking for a specific tutorial that goes over how to build an audience from scratch. In my case, I am a small business owner with past clientele, but I have never run an ad on FB. I'm putting all of the pieces together, and I feel understanding how to build the right audience is imperative. If you have time to reply, please provide any suggestions (or links) to videos that cover this topic, or anything specifically related. Thanks in advance!

Mike Tesfaye says:

Hello Myles, What is your take on dropship lifestyle?Also Do you think shopify is better than Affiliate Maketing

steven shillingford says:

Hi Miles, stumbled across you and love your honestly and content, you keep it real, anyway I wanted to ask a general question about affiliate marketing and how I feel about the likes of marketers such as Brendan mace and other warrior product sellers. Seems like they pump out product after product and most people follow that path which I think is ethical wrong because today I sell you one product and the next day I mail you about another product. it's hard enough for most people to focus on a said subject, let alone be faced the next day with a new shinny object, so would you recommend this as a platform for creating products or would you advise that I follow another path of getting products out into the market place?? Thanks steve

Alice Franklin says:

miles, you rock!

william clinton says:

Eureka. I just found Miles Beckler. Hard work ahead for me to digest and implement his methods and processes. No problem going down the rabbit hole to find the gold nuggets in his various videos Retired UK Business Analyst starting from scratch living in the Philippines

william clinton says:

Excited to learn from a great Mentor

Sambhu sutradhar says:

You are just awesome

Ancient Gains - Seth Kardos says:

Holy shit the value this guy gives is head and shoulders above all these other make money online gurus

M. Niver says:

NC here & yes its wkg.

Gold Coast Traditions says:

Miles, I really appreciate your detailed content, and especially all that you provide for free because I have zero money to spend right now. Your my go-to guy as I'm trying to gain knowledge of how to go about my online business approach. Btw, I was watching the Houston Astros recently and Justin Verlander was pitching. I was thinking, "Who does he remind me of?…Ah! Miles Beckler!"

LeSurgïe™ 🈂 says:

I may sound ignorant. But one thing that always bugs me about videos like these is the ambiguity. I understand business but u lose nothing in being specific about ure partnership with that greeting card company or better yet PROVIDE AN AFFILIATE LINK TO THEIR SITE! somebody explain to me why this not happeninh

Michael Alpha says:

Thanks for your share. No matter your content will make me profitable, it is valuable.

JK Campbell says:

#badass I made it to the end woohoo!!!!

JK Campbell says:

Amen brother! Thank you!!!! You’re a breath of fresh air! The EXACT same things I have done!!!! I started trying to make money online starting in 2002 after I got out of the army and the first program I bought was The Rich Jerk Lol! It was a horrible EXPENSIVE cycle and I am believing this is it, but like you said it’s a 3-5 year plan!

Light Shade33 says:

This is awesome!

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