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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs (Best Networks for Beginners)

In this video, I reveal the top 10 affiliate networks you can join to start earning affiliate commissions for extra income on the side. If you are looking for a good program, these are the best.

#1 – Amazon Affiliate program
#2 –
#3 – Commission Junction
#4 – ShareaSale
#5 – JVzoo
#6 – Ebay Partner Network
#7 – Clicksure
#8 – Neverblue
#9 – Maxbounty
#10 – FlexOffers

These are all the best 10 affiliate programs you can join, starting today. Expect to put in 1-2 hours of solid work a day for your first 2-3 months before you start seeing decent results.

So which is my favorite for Beginners?

If I had to pick one, I’d pick the Amazon affiliate program simply because of the amount of low hanging fruit on that network.

Because there are literally millions of products on that network, you don’t have to worry too much about competition. If you find a competitive niche, simply pick another one and get started.

All in all, the above affiliate programs are the best for beginners to get started with – they allow you to earn while you learn, which is the situation you want to be in.

Also, check out my latest video on how to make money online in 2017. This is all the latest and greatest stuff:

I promise you will thoroughly enjoy this content!

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15 Thoughts to “Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs (Best Networks for Beginners)”

  1. Brett West

    Max Bounty is by far the best of these 10.

  2. Clifford Starks

    I was curious about Amazon affiliate program. Even with the low percentage commission, would you say it’s one of the best because it’s so trusted and people would be more inclined to purchase from an Amazon affiliate?

  3. Mr Ree

    The Amazon Affiliate program is a SCAM I have done EVERYTHING you and other bloggers have said to do in order to make the Amazon Affiliates program work and every single time I begin to generate SOME kind of revenue (usually $20-$30) it’s only about a week or two before I get a message from Amazon stating they have closed down my account because I am using a non approved social media platform to list my links and that I don’t have enough “followers” or “unique content” when all I use is YouTube to post my Affiliate links, and I have over 40k views and my content is actually very unique, not too many motovlogers out there, no I don’t have a million subscribers but I’m at 90 but since the first time I got booted from the affiliate program I have blocked people from seeing my sub count so Amazon wouldn’t even be able to know how many subscribers I have at this time.
    So what gives? The first couple times they said to just re-apply and so I did and every single time it just happened again, I don’t use profanity or sexual content or anything bad in fact I take pride in making good quality family friendly content but still this continues to happen, and I’m pretty much tapping out at this point unless there’s something else you can give me advice to do or try, this makes the 5TH time they have shut down my account and taken all the money I earned, no joke I can provide each email if you want to see them and I have replied several times and each time they just say to re-apply. I am extremely angry at this point because I have put a tremendous amount of work on my channel doing reviews and posting links etc all for NOTHING and after a simple search I see tons of other people with the same problems and they are all calling the Amazon Affiliate program a SCAM as well! so maybe you should do some investigating, or at the very least warn that this is NOT for everyone like don’t sign up if you have less than 1k subscribers, I even tried asking what the minimum “followers” are required to be eligible and to stop getting booted from the program and they said they didn’t have an exact amount, sooo helpful. Anyways HELP :(((

  4. Centrix Plays

    Yeah, sure amazon….i would work with amazon if it wouldn’t be super extreme dificult to answer the phone call that rungs for not even one second

  5. derrick jordan

    What did you do to get into flex offers

  6. Roy Hinkley

    Quick question for anyone: I have a customer ID # on Commission Junction, or CJ Affiliate as it is now called, but I cant find any link to copy and paste to my site. Where can I find this?

  7. Renee S.

    We’re you I’ll in this video? No offense but you looked rough.

  8. frostieradio

    Are you ok? Why are you sweating and breathing like that?

  9. Don Bonnell

    Hey Dan been following you about a week or so –Thanks for your pleasant and winsome approach in delivering your tips and advice

  10. Verna Badenhorst

    HI Dan. I’m a big fan of your and you always give super useful advise. Thank you very much.

  11. Book City Incorporated

    Once again great info Brock! I was rerouted to this video from your other video, How to Make Money as an Affiliate Without a Website. That video stated that it is against Amazon’s terms to use affiliate links in PDF’s, have you heard anything about eBay? or any of the other sites you recommend in this video? You are so great at getting back to people here, thank you so much. When I make my first $17 through affiliate marketing I’m going to get your program, I know it’s action packed because your free content is so amazing!

  12. Michael Sarduy

    great video! i was wondering if you can make a video on how to become an amazon affiliate and a basic walkthrough through the whole process of signing up and getting accepted

  13. Gareth Shimmon

    Nice video. Do you have any experience in setting up an affiliate program with a business selling product that’s very relevant to your niche but that don’t currently have an affiliate program?


    but as if you cant have an affiliate link of amazon without a website. how can i have an affiliate link with amazon without a website? cause i failed to proceed when they asked my domain name

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