How to Write Content for an Affiliate Site (Amazon Affiliate Authority Sites)


NEED CONTENT for an Amazon Affiliate website? That’s exactly what I want to talk about today.

My name is Doug Cunnington and I’m the founder of Niche Site Project where I talk about Internet marketing, amazon affiliate sites, and project management.

So, back in 2013 I started my niche site after I came across the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast by Pat Flynn.

I got super inspired, and signed up for bluehost and created my site.

Now when I first started thinking about content, I knew I had a couple keywords that I wanted to throw in there. But I was thinking – how am I gonna do this?!

I didn’t understand the niche, or the topic. I had no idea how to get started.

So let’s go ahead and get into HOW to write content.

First of all, if you are trying to ‘copy’ any text – it’s probably not a good idea.

Another common question I get is about ‘content spinners’, where you take content that already exists and put a different spin on it. However – this is not something I recommend, any shortcuts you try to take are usually not a good idea.

When I first sat down I had a little bit of a difficult time…

I tend to have a perfectionist attitude, which is great except when you are writing content.

And because I kept going back and forth with the content – it took me about 8 HOURS to write a simple piece of content.

Not efficient at all.

Fast forward 3 YEARS – I started to implement the RPM method:


Another great method is the FAQ Method:


Another tip. At some point you WILL write a product review – it’s just something that comes with the territory.

One of my biggest tips is to write other reviews, check out forums, Facebook groups, Quora, Instagram, etc.

Lastly, my BIGGEST tip is go out and find the necessary information on your niche.

Research the products, and find the information to put into your content to curate and put them together.

Q of the day! How do you write content? Let me know in the comments

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About Niche Site Project:

DOUG CUNNINGTON, PMP writes about SEO, productivity, project management, and niche sites. His work has been featured all over the web, including Ahrefs, Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits, Side Hustle Nation and more.

I am an internet marketer and a Project Management Professional (PMP, certified in 2008 by the Project Management Institute).



  1. Fabulous Doug, I have just started my first amazon affiliate site, and the thing I do for every product is to see the features from Amazon and write it in my own words, and then I read comments and based on the comments I write my personal opinion. Like every product, I talk about has approx 500 words, is it good? Or too long?

  2. This is glorious, I have been researching “how to be an affiliate marketer without a website” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Neyameron Xiydeline Method – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.

  3. So for example, write a product review on your Amazon affiliate site and then go on Quora and write another review and link to your blog? Do you have good luck with this? I wrote a best answer with 20k veiws and a handful of upvotes – even got invited to the partner program, yet one day I go on Quora and the moderator deleted my answer after a year and a half and then they tell me it’s irrelevant to self promote even though my site is the closest thing related to the question and on the internet for that matter. Funny thing is I see people doing this every day all day long and they they seem to get away with it.

  4. excellent advice, Doug! Powerful, concise, and straight to the point! For amazon reviews I use this method and I am surprisingly being able to create long in depth content (over 2000 words) for a single product. It’s amazing.I leave no stone unturned when it comes to sources of information.

  5. I decided to write content for my website. The problem for me is that the content has to be on point, and professional. I would even go so far as to have my one-page paper to be score and review on writing sites and the return will be low. One review scored my one page paper of that of an 8th grader, which stings me a lot.
    Even though I love writing, I want the content to be high quality and understood by everyone. I’m afraid that my content won’t be good enough for my readers. If the quality of the content is garbage, the reader will know and leave the website never to return again. I want to overcome this fear and focus on my business.

  6. Thankyou Doug, your explanation is very clear. istead, many of affiliate course out there is just suggest to hiring content writer, this can be a serious problem for someone who even can’t buy a hosting for $5/month. i have subscribed to your channel anyway

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