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How to OUTLINE CONTENT for AMAZON AFFILIATE Niche Sites – RPM (Research Paper Method)

I have a confession to make – I have a FEAR of writing.

It all started in middle school and has continued on to this day.

So even though I do have a fear of writing, I have learned some tips and tricks from being a not so great writer.

In this video I explain how I exactly outline content using the RPM method.

If you feel another method will work better for you, watch my video on the FAQ method:

**** See a DEMO of the RPM here:

The RPM (Research Paper Method) is a great tool to outline content that is going to be good quality for your site.

Researching your content, outlining, and writing are key in order to produce good quality content.

Watch the video for the complete explanation!
Here’s what you do for the Research Paper Method (RPM):

Research Phase
* Search Google for the main topic of your content. Normally, that’s the keyword phrase or the title of your article.

* Spend 1 – 2 hours reading about the topic. Check out Wikipedia entries, read material from the manufacturers website, read the top blogs on the topic.

* You’ll be an expert (relatively speaking) after researching for that long and have a good idea what to include in your content.

* Log 2 – 5 of the resources to reference later.

* Note: You may be thinking, “I can reader it faster and 1 – 2 hours is too much.” I recommend spending time on the research because it lays the foundation for the content. If you do a bad job on research, the whole process is impacted.

Outline Phase
* Create a half to 1-page outline. It should be pretty short.

* Refer to your references to get an idea about how to organize the information. You shouldn’t copy them and shouldn’t need to, but you can see what works in their content. Manufacturers tend to do a MUCH BETTER job than bloggers or other niche sites.

* Don’t try to write the content in the outline. Just write out the main idea for each of the paragraphs and sections.

* The goal is to have an outline that’s good enough so a freelance writer can write the content. If you give them the reference material, then it’s a simple job for a competent writer.

Writing Phase
* Ideally, hire a writer. I use Upwork and you can get my templates here. If you provide the writer with the outline and references, they’ll be able to save a lot of time and they’ll appreciate the extra details.

* If you write the content yourself, then you can use the outline to write the content. Since you outlined what you want in the content, it’s much faster to put your thoughts into sentences.

* Regardless of who writes the content, be sure to edit. Even if the writer edits their own work, I expect a few mistakes from a freelance writer.

* Depending on your team, you may have a dedicated editor – that’s what I do.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Thrust and lift

    For example I have started a blog about kayaks… Can I write two different kind of articles on same products? Like best kayaks
    Cheap kayaks etc?

  2. prathmesh gawai

    Reading manufacturers website is a good idea!!! As they already worked hard on their content and they know what converts and what nor. Thanks for sharing this idea. 😀

  3. Wee Yen Yee

    So, its possible to just keep pumping content without focusing on backlinks? or does doing ‘only content’ also include outreach activities like forum commenting?

  4. Rodney Maiato

    Hi Doug, just wanted to give you some feedback. Keep up the great videos. I’ve been following you for a little while. You give good information and you deliver it in a no nonsense style. I enjoy watching. Thanks! Rod

  5. Jon Snow

    I think you forgot to give us the template for upwork. Can you please show it? 🙂

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