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How to Get Approved on PeerFly Step by Step CPA Affiliate Network

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Hello everyone I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time to watch on getting into peerfly. Peerfly is a CPA marketing agency. If your having trouble getting into a “CPA” network feel free to apply. Peerfly pays on time! So I will keep everyone updated.

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15 Thoughts to “How to Get Approved on PeerFly Step by Step CPA Affiliate Network”

  1. Shelby Sellers

    Hey Anthony! Great video. I just submitted my application to PeerFly through your link. Would love some help getting in!

  2. Chung Pham

    Hi Anthony, how to get approval from networks if I’m a newbie with zero experience in CPA marketing. I don’t have any youtube channel or website too. Thanks!

  3. Jaye Anthony

    would an Instagram page be good for a landing page?

  4. Tyasia Lacy

    I know this video is like 2 years old but do you already have to be doing affiliate marketing to get into the program with them I’m just starting out wanted to learn how to do affiliate marketing


    I’m 15 im just trying to get payment 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️I low key don’t understand

  6. Mayowa Somorin

    Hey, I want to signup through your link, can you help me get approved? Thanks!

  7. Kaizen Spirit

    Hi Anthony, i liked your video information. I am planning to use your link to apply to peerfly but i need more information on how to apply iof i don’t have any website. Should i create one ? Is it an obligation ? Thank you for the video

  8. Coders Heaven IT Institute

    Hi, I have applied for a PeerFly account using your affiliate link. Would you pls, recommend me to approve my account to your affiliate manager? Thanks

  9. Sumit Sahana

    thanks man!!! this vid of yours is real practical and meant a lot!

  10. You Can Do it

    Does this strategy still works on 2019 ? If so,then I’ll register using your referral link

  11. Cometa Soulstar

    Hi Ant, Were you running a 3 of those niches on one website?

  12. Tom Rangel

    Does that work outside of the United States? I’m from Brazil and I want to make money through peerfly,. Is that possible?

  13. Kypsha

    I’m born 2003 but I can only choose 2002 and below..

  14. Augustine Agada Moses

    Hey@Anthony Alfonso thanks for the process. l have used your link to register and indicated your name as my coach. Kindly help me talk to your affiliate manager to approve my application.

  15. omkar choubey

    Hey Anthony, thanx for the information. Just a little doubt, if I have a blogging website where I just drive traffic through SEO , what do I need to say in the peerfly application form about the source of traffic to get approved?

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