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Getting Started with Authority Websites, Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites, Location Independence, QA

YOU ask questions about affiliate marketing and I’ll answer them! See the list of questions below…

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KW Golden Ratio:

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Link Building & SEO

Is it a good idea to hide your back links from your competitors by not letting ahref, majestic, semrush, etc to crawl your website for backlink?

​is it okay to put an affiliate link in a description of your video solely as a way for your viewers to support you, even if you’re not advertising a product?

If i have a good article with recommendations in my niche site ( a blog post ) i should buy PBN’s for it?

I see other site like top10best and reviews, should I do a complete review site? and are there any problems with that?

How much search traffic should your KWs generate to be considered as a good niche to move into? (to avoid going into a very small niche)

​If I have a 2nd affiliate website, is it mandatory to let amazon know that I will be using my current amazon affiliate link on that 2nd website

what length do you write for product reviews?

​What type of content is the best? Comparisons, tutorials, reviews, else?

Does website structure matter? E.g. creating content in silos?

Would you replicate a general reviews site like 10beasts in 2018? Or stick to a niche?

What if I don’t get any sales in the first 180 days? Is it easy to open a new Amazon Associates account or would they give me a hard time?

I have a tech blog getting around 700 visitors per day. I monitize with adsense and a little Amazon. It doesn’t make much though, so how best to scale up the income please?

​I get a little less then a 100 new users everyday and have a low cost high profit product I can produce. At what user volume do I start selling my own products?

How do you find the right subject to write a guest post about? Considering that you have to reconcile between the editorial line of the guest blog and the page you want to rank (right anchor text too)

I can’t get any traffic to my website. Any ideas how i can remedy this?

​Is rewriting an article from another website and adding 200-300 more words of content a good strategy, even if you recommend the same products etc..

​If there are any niche sites you started but they failed (no revenue to sustain it). What were the mistakes you think you made?

Do guests posts still work? If so where should i do them? Ezinearticle? Goarticle?

Question about youtube videos and SEO, would a number of different videos pointing links back to my blog help SEO? or is it just for branding/traffic

​Is it better to fix a penalized website or to start a new one?

What does amazon reviews after 3 purchases? What if i don’t get sales after 180 days

​Do you prefer to have niche sites in a market with high or low ticket items?

​What are buyer keywords?

Who do you look up to in SEO?

While publishing content, any time you check Flesh Reading Ease Score..? My yoast plugin show red if the score is low..

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I am an internet marketer and a Project Management Professional (PMP, certified in 2008 by the Project Management Institute).

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  1. David Ionesi

    It was entertaining, a lot of mixed questions, it seems that there are lots of different experience levels in the community.

  2. Lane Watson

    Question, but first watching replay. What plugin do you use for benefit/feature comparison table that is responsive?

  3. Jason Schoenbaechler

    Doug, watched the replay. I usually miss the live streams because I’m at my day job.

  4. Ellen Small Billard

    I always watch the replay, even if I am able to catch the live stream. I find the content to be valuable to a range of internet marketers / niche site builders, regardless of experience. Thanks, as always.

    I just wanted to add regarding keyword research tools … I noticed this week that Ubersuggest has updated and is now offering a much broader range of suggested keyword phrases than it had previously offered. It is more similar now to kwfinder, which is the paid tool that I use. Already this week I have been able to find over 100 KGR terms using the upgraded tool, so if folks are looking to use a good free tool as they get started before they commit to a paid version, I recommend it.

  5. Charlie Parker

    Replay watcher.

  6. Jay Isaacson Music

    Watching the replay … !

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