Do You Use a Table Plugin?


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Tables are great for affiliate marketing, ESPECIALLY for amazon affiliate niche sites.

So, what table plugin do I use?

My name is Doug Cunnington and I’m the founder of Niche Site Project where I talk about Amazon Affiliate Marketing and Project Management.

Q of the Day: What table plugin do you use and why?

Tables are pretty awesome. They allow you to present information in a small area.

You can, for example, display multiple products to help with comparing them.

I originally used table press, which worked but wasn’t as usable as I’d like.

Now, and maybe this will be a surprise, but I don’t use a plug in at all.

I use an html generator, which sounds complicated but trust me it isn’t.

You can go to an html code generator, take the snippet of code, and insert it into your website.

I’m a bit of a plugin minimalist, and if it isn’t simple then I will try and find a way not to use it.

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