Amazon affiliate network vs. Clickbank – What’s The Best Affiliate Network?

Subscribe, share, and comment. In this video, I reveal how to be successful as an affiliate marketer using both Clickbank and affiliate programs which are great because of the vast array of products to promote. I also reveal one bonus research tool you can use to uncover all kinds of hidden niche markets and untapped product categories.

So what’s the best affiliate program to partner with?

Benefits of –

Hundreds of thousands of potential products you can promote and earn affiliate commissions on.

Drawbacks of Promoting –

Low commission percent ranging from 4-8%

Advantages of the Clickbank marketplace.

You can earn serious commissions per sale. Anyway from $20 up to hundreds of dollars in commissions per sale.

Typically, you want to promote click bank products via an email list, but many people have been successful with a simple product review style website.

Cons of

High refund rates in a lot of the niches. There are still some niches with lower refund rates, but expect to see refund rates ranging from 5-50%!

Get the best of both worlds:

One thing I’m now doing is promoting both networks on the same site. I find products that compliment each other, and recommend them both! This was you can make sales on both Amazon and Clickbank, without sacrificing commissions on either!

Also, if you’re looking for more ways to make money online, check out my most recent video to learn what is working on 2017::

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  1. carlos santos

    Do I have to state I am an affiliate in my blog?

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    Are you familiar with Amason FBA?

  3. fhmm10

    dominate organic search traffic pay upfront and print money on autopilot people say SEO takes time to generate traffic but from practice its not really that much it takes less than 2 month to get in first page of google with low competition and about 4 month with moderate or high competition ,search traffic is very laser targeted traffic and its even 10 times more converting than social ads because when people search for something they are more likely willing to buy but social ads only display suggestions to the targeted audience whom may or may not be in the mood to buy, the average conversion for organic traffic can reach easily 10% wheras social traffic barely exceeds 2%


    hi bob im in Tanzania can i work with clikbank

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    Click bait is something i dont know much about since u all are hiding

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    is there a video on how to write a review for products

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    Can you be a successful affiliate from Facebook?

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    When I put my clickbank link into YouTube they gave me a strike. Why? And what do I do to prevent that?

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