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amazon affiliate – How to sell on Ebay

Amazon derives about 40% of its sales from Amazon affiliate marketing called “Amazon Associates” and third-party sellers who sell products on Amazon. Affiliate receive a commission for referring customers to Amazon by placing links on their websites to Amazon, if the referral results in a sale. Worldwide, Amazon has “over 900,000 members” in its affiliate programs. Amazon reported over 1.3 million sellers sold products through Amazon’s websites in 2007. Unlike eBay, Amazon sellers do not have to maintain separate payment accounts; all payments are handled by Amazon.
Affiliate can access the Amazon catalog directly on their websites by using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) XML service. A new affiliate product, aStore, allows Associates to embed a subset of Amazon products within another website, or linked to another website. In June 2010, Amazon Affiliate Product Suggestions was launched (rumored to be internally called “Project Genesis”) to provide more transparency to sellers by recommending specific products to third-party sellers to sell on Amazon. Products suggested are based on customers’ browsing history

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